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Sometimes accidents happen, and a ladder incident or some other issue causes a broken vent for your Flush Mount with Frame wooden vent. Even though it was made by another manufacturer, we can usually help you create a replacement piece.

Don’t Worry We Have Options to Help You!

If your Flush Mount vent insert piece that fits into surrounding Framework has broken, Do Not Worry! Usually, we can actually help you replicate this piece.


Our Step-by-Step Instructions will help you give us the measurements required to replicate a replacement piece for you!



If you aren’t comfortable with using the Measuring Tape, Not a Problem! Simply just mail your old broken vent to us in a padded mailer with your contact information to:

American Wood Vents

2664 Timber Dr.

Suite 319

Garner, NC 27529


If you need us to stain match, we can use that old broken vent as a sample reference as well.

If you are comfortable with the Measuring Tape, there are 3 Measurements we will NEED to Fit the Vent into Another Manufacturer’s Framework.

You can refer to the diagram below for help on How to Measure Flush Mount replicas.



Measure the Overall Length x Width of the FRONT SIDE of your Broken Vent

(See Markers: B x C)


* Measure the Top Edge Thickness (Thickness of the Top Edge as You View the Side of Your Vent).


You will want to check this measurment starting with the whole number (ex. 1″ marker on the tape, rather than the end piece of the tape for the thickness).

(See Marker: D)

* Flip Your Vent to the Backside. Measure the Rabbeted Edge Length x Width

(See Markers: A x E)


Missing Your Vent Insert? Just Have the Installed Frame?

That’s okay too! We need a few measurements to replicate this piece for your pre-existing frame made by another manufacturer.

We must have the 3 sets of measurements listed below to know how to properly fit within your framework

(If your duct is off-centered within your framwork, please attach a photo when you request a quote.)

1.) Find the Length x Width for the Dimensions Marked in B x C

(The 1st Inner Rectangle. This would be the Front Side or Overall Size if Installed into the Framework)


 2.) Find the Depth Marked in D

(The Vertical Inset Showing the Depth to Fit into the Framework. This Tells Us How Thick Your Vent Needs to be Made to be Flush with the Floor Surface)


3.) Find the Length x Width for the Dimensions Marked in B x C 

(The 2nd Inner Rectangle. This would be the Rabbeted Edge of the Backside of the Vent that Inserts into the Duct Opening)

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A Look Inside Our Work

As the manufacturer, we don’t get to see the finished installed product we help to create.

However, through the years we have had incredibly kind customers that sent us photos of the finished product on site. Come take a look at how a beautiful solid wood vent can upgrade the look of your home or business!

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