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Our Laser Wood Vents…


  • Are cut into sheets of 1/4″ thick wood.


  • Available in Birch, Maple, Oak, American Cherry, and Walnut. These


  • Are a beautiful way to add an easy and unique touch of elegance to any location.


  • Due to the thin sheets of wood of only 0.25″ thickness, these laser designs are only for locations NOT FOR FLOOR INSTALLATIONS, as they are not strong enough to be load bearing.


  • You can choose from any of our stocked designs, or even one of your own.


  • Perfect for your home or business!





We started leveraging digital technology when we introduced the Laser Design Vents in 2011 to add a unique design to your home, business, or project.  
They are available in Oak, Maple or American Cherry, Birch & Walnut woods, and cut with beams of light. Lasers cut a very fine line to cutout the pattern in the wood.
The wood is ¼” thickness so you use them in any Non-Loadbearing situations like Walls, Ceilings, Cabinetry, Doors, Triangular Baseboard Vents, Refrigerators, Toekicks and other places.
While most of our vents are hand made with individual parts using more traditional wood milling tools, we offer intricate motif-design vents that are Laser-Cut  digitally.
Due to the fact Laser Designs fit ON the Wall, NOT IN the Vent, you can also request extended lips (border with no design, i.e. Self-Rimming) to cover nearby wall damage (drywall damage, old paint lines, gouges, etc).  Please add that in your notes or other communication with us when ordering if you wish to have this option.


Vents & Wood Products with Custom Images and Logos

Our digital Laser cutter can create Wooden Vents, Doors, Partitions with any image if you can provide a vector image of your design. We may require proof of image ownership or written permission to reproduce brand logos and images (companies, sports teams, colleges, etc).

Laser Screens

Laser Screens

Decorative Covid Protection

Custom built to allow installation of covid screens, or ever soundproofing material.

Laser Inserts

Laser Inserts

For your baseboards

We can add these inserts to your Baseboard or Triangular Baseboard Vents.

Laser Wood Partional

Laser Wood Partional

Beautiful Accent

Your guests are sure to be in awe with this surprising addition to your room.

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