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From Wood Types to Stains, and Paint Options….We carry a plethora of ways to help you further customize each one of our handcrafted, American made, solid wood vents!

Wood Species Chart

We carry over 2 dozen stocked wood species. If you do not know you wood species, you can send us a photo in your order, quote, or other communications, and we will help you choose your best match. Also, if you do not see your wood type listed, feel free to ask if we can get your custom wood choice for your needs. **REMEMBER** When working with wood it is important to match the species so the grain is similar, as well as having the ability to absorb the stain similarly.

Minwax Oil Based Stains

For INTERIOR stains, we stock any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains, and some water based stains as well. If you require a different brand, feel free to ask if that choice is available.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Stains

For EXTERIOR Stains, we stock the Sherwin-Williams stain options. If you require a different brand, feel free to ask in your communications if that choice is available.

Paint Options

For Painting Options we do offer a Prime Paint service of White or Black. Additionally, for interior paint we stock several Benjamin Moore & Sherwin-Williams options. Exterior paints are special requests, let us know what you need.

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