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Take Your Business To New Heights with Solid wood or stone vents!

We Welcome Contracting Orders from Flooring, Construction, Cabinetry, Restaurants, Hotels, Designers, Architects, & MORE!

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Our Contractor Pack Discounts Start with a Minimum Quantity of Just 15 vents!

Buying Monthly Helps Gurantee Your Discounted Price!

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Optimize Your Business with Handcrafted, High Quality, American Made Vents 

Our solid wood vents are like no other on the market! When you feel the quality of our wood vents, you know you have a high quality piece of American craftsmenship.

We are able to make most any size and thickness for your wood or stone vents for the Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Toe Kick, Cabinetry, Doors, Gable, Boat, Decorative Partitions, etc.

If you order monthly we do offer Contractor Pack Discounts.

All vents are purchased unfinished so you can match to your location. We do offer staining using any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains and Prime Painting in Black or White.

Charge Forward

We Can Help You Design A Showstopping Piece

Whether you are looking to provide your customers with a special designer piece, or customize air flow, we are here to help!

  • Laser Designs for Wall, Ceiling, and Toe Kicks, or Partition Use are becoming increasingly popular!
  • Floor Vents in the Grate Style for strong and load bearing purposes are on the rise!
  • For Custom Air Flow Needs, convert your CFM’s into Free Air Area.
  • All Pieces are Unfinished unless you request one of our Minwax Oil Based stain colors, or request Prime Painting of White or Black in our paintable wood of Birch,  Maple, Pine or Poplar.

Our Specialties

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Floor Vents

Toe Kicks

Baseboard Vents

Triangular Baseboards

Wall & Ceiling

Door Vents

Louvered Doors

Cabinetry Vents





Supply & Return Vents

Access Panel Covers



What We Can Do For You

We are the Manufacturer and make most any size, for most any flooring thickness in several Styles for Floor applications to make your retail stores soar in customer satisfaction and cutting edge design.


We stock a variety of wood selections and can even make these using your special wood or flooring.  We stock Alder, American Cherry, Ash, Bamboo, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Cedar, Cumaru, Douglas Fir, Heart Pine, Hickory, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Quarter & Rift Sawn White Oak, Teak, Walnut, White Oak, White Pine, & Yellow Pine. Let us know if you need something else.

Our solid wood vents are really amazing design add-ons for your flooring job.  We see 8 to 10% increase in referral rates when installed with your flooring.  It is specified by Architects, Builders, and Flooring Companies who want to stand out from the crowd.


If you have Air Returns in the floor, for spans greater than 9″ and less than 15″ we use the 5/4 woods in order to make these stronger for load bearing applications and for heavy duty applications (at least where there is NOT a joist in the middle of the air return opening) where you need extra strength or if the opening is = > 16″ we use 8/4 or greater in order to accommodate your strength or load bearing capacity. 5/4 and thicker can still be flush to most any flooring thickness, it just allows greater strength in the middle where it “nests” into the opening a little deeper. Just let us know your size and situation as we quote these as needed.  We have made custom sizes to hold furniture trolleys up to 3500 lbs. and up to 30 feet in lengths.


Since we are the nationwide manufacturer for several large companies you can specify different designs, air flow specifications, or other factors to accommodate Architects, Builders and Home Owners.


We have single piece minimum on orders, so you do not have to wait to have enough for a minimum order.


You can purchase in several ways all with a 25 piece opening order as a dealer. You can order in 15 or 25 case lots to maintain inventory or order as you need or a combination. We try to accommodate most any Dealer requirements, for example you can establish your self as a dealer with  25 or 50 case quantities or mix or match species and sizes and then if you need to fill in with a few here and there you can continue to get your dealer pricing. If you order as you need for a specific job, as long as you order pretty consistently 25 to 50 or more a month +-, then you can can continue to get dealer pricing. We are pretty flexible. Let us know how we can accommodate your business.


Estimators see an increase of $1,200.00 or more adding Flush Mount wood vents to the flooring job. These solid wood vents are strong and sturdy, when your customer sees them, you do not really have to push them on your customers.  At the Store, we also have Retail Floor Displays or you can install flush mounts into your floor displays. However, if you do not at least show customers that you have wood vents they sometimes get upset that they were not even shown that they are available from your company. It is good to have a competent fast responsive source.


We can make most any size, most any conceivable style, for most any Flooring Thickness. Even larger Air Returns can be Flush to engineered flooring or even Laminate.


For the more common or standard sizes in 25 or 50 piece Opening Orders consisting of mix or match, of 15 piece case lots or up to 100 units a month volume.  You can then accumulate your orders in small as you need basis each month +/-, as well as availability to make sure that you have these in stock for fast turn around in 25 or 50 case lots. You would start out with an opening order on the 50 case lot price schedule while you are getting to know us for your first 3 months and then it will settle on your normal usage.


If you need Dampers (for standard sizes floor duct openings) to regulate the air flow through the registers we can add that on too for an additional 6.95 to 12.95 each depending on the size.  Most Pros do not use dampers on wood vents, however, we have all standard floor sizes. We can Prefinish / Stain / Finish your floor or wall vents as well. We stock all of the Minwax oil based stains which you can see at most hardware or paint stores and mixes thereof so we can match most everything.  You can also send us a small sample of your flooring for the best color match, just make sure to include your contact information with it so we can trace the sample to your order.  Custom staining is offered, however, it may change stain costs depending upon the color, application process, and other factors.

We also make side wall / ceiling supply and air returns, exterior vents, stair parts, transitions, molding pieces for a happy flooring installation.

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