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Need a Custom Project?

If you have a specific project in mind, please use our Quote Now Center, or send us an email with your drawings, information, etc.

Our Services

In addition to custom vents, registers and diffusers, we also craft custom building products to match your design.  If you don’t have a design, we will design it to match your needs.

How Can We Help

Our resident expert is immensely experienced at guiding you and assisting you with custom project ideas and needs. Whether you need Access Panels, Room Dividers, Decorative Covid Screens, etc. We Can Help!

Covid Screens

If You Need a More WELCOMING & DECORATIVE Protective / COVID Screen We Have a Solution for You!

Unique Projects

Barn Doors, Restauraunt & Hospital Projects, Speaker Boxes to Hide Church Sound Systems in an Elegant Way & SO MUCH MORE! Submit Your Drawings or Blueprints to See How We Can Help You!

Access Panels

Need a Discreet Way to Camoflauge or Hide a Utility Need? We Have Done This for Many Customers! Have a Design in Mind? Let Us Know or We Will Guide You!

While We SPECIALIZE in Vents, Our Highly Experienced Craftsman Have Helped in NUMEROUS Unique Projects. We Have Laser & CNC Machines to Help with Many Designs. We Have Found Our Customers Favor Our Laser and Handcrafted Louvers for Their Project Ideas.

Wood is an Excellent Way to Add an Elegant Touch to Your Space

No Need to Have Rusty, Ugly & Old Metal Radiants or Vents! We Can Easily Help Create a Solution for MOST ALL Situations.

Take an UGLY Before Photo and Transform it into a Beautiful After!

You are Sure to LOVE the Special Touch Wood Brings into Your Space! 

For Custom Project Ideas 

We can even make small laser ornaments with your Company Logo, Family Crest, etc. to set the ambiance of your decor, even decorate to make a unique christmas tree to impress your guests.

Access Panel Options are Endless

Don’t Delay! Contact Us Today!

Request a Quote Through Our Site or Send Us an Email, with photos of your space and what you need or invision!

Our Trademark
Handcrafted, American Made, Solid Wood Vents are Sure to Impress!

Allow the beauty of natural wood to set your space!

The possibilities are endless with how we can help! If you are ever unsure, don’t worry, you can send us photos with a detailed note of specs and one of our experts will guide you with what is possible in your space!

Reading a Measuring Tape

Before You Begin Your Custom Project, Some May Like to Double Check The Measure Readings Here Before Placing an Order

Fraction to Decimal Chart

When We Invoice You, We will Compile ALL Measurements in Decimal Format to Help Elimate Misreadings. Here is a Quick Chart for Conversion Reference, or You Can Google the Conversions as well.

Got Blueprints or Drawings?

You can Submit drawings or Blueprints to Our Email, or through our Quote Request Page, there will be a place to Upload Drawings & Images at the Bottom.

Special Pieces

Whether You are Working on a Small Private or Large Commercial Project, Our Experts are Ready to Help You Right Away!

Let’s Work Together

Visit our Request for Quote page, or send us an email with a list of your specifications, so we can give you a quote right away!

Visit Our Online Store & Quote Center

Our Quote Requests will also have optional areas for your notes and to upload photos. This is the best way to provide us with the necessary information.  You can also email us any questions at

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