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Cabinetry Options

Need a Cabinetry Vent or Cabinetry Door?

We can assist you in a design for your home, office, restaurant, hotel, etc.

We have made up pieces for cabinetry up to 20 feet in length, and we even manufacture for many Masterbrand suppliers.

Cabinetry Vents

Cabinet companies, both small and large, like to deal directly with the manufacturer to get a Toekick or Side Panel, even on the solid surface or granite countertop. These can be made most any size, to fit ONTO or INTO your panel, Toekick or Solid Surface in a number of ways.

Sometimes you have to route the air through your Cabinetry from the Floor, Side Wall, or even the Ceiling to a place in your Cabinetry that is better suited for the situation, or that you Customized for a Design of a Vent.  Wherever you can put the vent, we can create the wood vent to fit the situation!

If you have Refrigeration, Wine Chillers, Humidors, Speakers or AV equipment let us know your situation so we can design the RIGHT vent for your project!

These can be Supply (supplying heated or chilled air into the living space), Air Returns (sending back or returning air from the living space to be re-heated or chilled to maintain the thermostat settings), access covers (like for Spas, or Hot Tubs or electric panels).

If you are looking for ToeKick Vents to fit under your Cabinetry, please go here  Click Here.


If you have a supply vent (pushing out conditioned air into the living space) we can design the fixed louvers to most any particular angle or “throw” to get it into the room or even into a particular place in the room.

Sometimes you are ventilating Electronics, or Refrigeration, or heat units.

2 Fit Options:

(also known as: Surface Mount / Drop In)

has Rounded Leading Edges, Sits Proud / Atop of Surface.

For a 4 x 10″ duct opening, the Vent will have an Overall Size of 5.75 x 11.75.” 

See Custom Quote Section or Call for Custom Lip/Flange size for your Overall sizing. Our standard flange/lip will be 7/8″ on each side. If you are Fitting into a Tight Space or Against an Obstruction, such as Needing a Flush Cut Against Molding, Floor, etc. let us know so we can make necessary modifications.

Countersink Screw Holes may also be added for lip/flange sizes of a minimum of 7/8″ each side. These are pre-drilled holes that allow your screw to lay flush with the vent surface.

is Made to Fit Flush within Your Surface. You will Need to Know Your Surface Thickness as well as the Duct Opening Size.

This Fit Allows a Mimimum of 1/2″ Solid Border on ALL 4 Sides of Your Duct Opening.

This Style is Favored by Leading Designers, Architects, and Industrial Professionals.

For a 4 x 10″ Duct Opening, the Vent will have an Overall Size of 5 x 11 x C (Surface Thickness Requested).

(800) 232-8353

Cabinetry PANEL Supply or Air Returns:

Looking for a Side Panel Vent?

Select a Style you like, and contact us so we can go over what you want for this project!

Louvered Style (Louvers can be designed to angle or not to angle or we can choose most any angle to “throw” the air into the living space or if the louvers overlap each other can hide the interior opening, filter, refrigeration coils or speakers from most view points.

Here are some examples of our Louvered Style. You Can select 1 way angle or no angle, or even 2 way, 3 way, and 4 way air flow.



Designs Options:

Louvers diffuse the air in 2 directions

(also known as eggcrate, nautical hatching or boat decking)

This square grid pattern is an excellent way to maximize your air flow

Linear slats are parallel to the SHORT dimension, and are straight up without angle

Linear slats are parallel to the LONG dimension, and are straight up without angle

Louvers are slanted one way to direct air flow or obscure direct view of duct opening / cut out

Laser designs can be chosen from any of our stocked designs or custom designs

This is similar to the Grate style, however, this grid is placed at an angle creating beautiful diamonds

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We do offer some standard sizes as well! Visit our shop now!

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