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Need Customized Air Flow?

We just need your HVAC tech to convert your CFM’s into Free Air Area to help design a vent for you!

Do You Have a Room that You are Looking to get Specialized or Customized Air Flow for a Specialty Need, Such as a Wine Cellar, Humidor, Sauna, Restaurant or any other need?

We have experts that can help assist you with this need!   

Have your HVAC technician convert your CFM (cubic feet per minute) over to Free Air Area and we can assist you in designing a piece to work for you!     

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Protecting Your Luxuries & Investments

Wine Rooms / Humidors / Beer Bungalos & More!


When you have a Wine Room, Humidor or Beer room, you typically need the air flow to be circular and to cut out dead spots, or not push too much air over the cork for instance.  As we get to understand your room layout in relation to the air chilling and humidity conditioning vents, as well as thermostats, we will begin to work with you to design how the air is vented, and does not just come out of the unit only to be sucked back into the unit for re-conditioning (to proper temp & humidity). 


Many times, the Chilling Unit is at the upper wall or ceiling location.  So just let us know where the Supply (supplying chilled and conditioned air) is in the Wine area. 


We once had a project that had the unit with one plenum. It was throwing out conditioned air and also returning air back into the unit.  We made a wood vent that created some separation and threw the air to the right side and returned it from the left side. 


Additionally, we had another unit that was over the door and even sticking out from the wall 4” so we had to build the exterior cover to create ventilation to the hot unit, and also to fit over this as we sometimes have to do for a Split System or Hotel system. 


Another example of ways we can assist is when we had still another project that had a supply about 3’ from the Return and also had 3 ducts so we were able to reduce any hot spots by this design. 


We make these in so many different ways depending upon your situation and room layout.   


Just give us a sense of what you have so we can go over options. 

Design Options

Register Style

Louvers diffuse the air in 2 directions

Louver Style

Louvers can be slanted/angled and parallel to the short or long dimension per your request

You can customize with 3 or 4 Way directional louvers

Often restaurants prefer a Louver Design as it obscures direct view into the ventilation area, and wood holds up well to the humidity and condensation where metal vents may struggle.



Laser Style

You can use one of our stocked designs, or a custom design such as your business logo, family crest, favorite boat, etc.

Custom Laser Wood Ornament Tile Decoraative Vent

Shaker Style

Linear slats are parallel to the SHORT dimension, and have no angle

Wood Flush Mount with Frame Shaker Linear Vents

Linear Style

Linear slats are parallel to the LONG dimension, and have no angle

Grate Style

(aka eggcrate)

This is an excellent choice for a classic look while maximizing air flow

Diamond Grid Style

Grid is crafted at an angle creating a diamond appearance

Wine Rooms, Humidors, Saunas & More

We can help you design your own piece for your space, or you can send us your blueprints/drawings and we will see how we can help you, for your specific situation and needs.

Condensation & Humidity Issues?

Wood Vents have a different dew point than metal or aluminum vents, so they are usually better in reducing moisture build up or dripping air conditioner supply vents. 


That being said, there are several causes of Condensation dripping from the vent area.  The duct work may have inadequate insulation, also parts of the insulation may have deteriorated, peeled back or fallen off in a section or two causing the build up of moisture within the duct.  It is always good to take off your metal vent cover and put a moisture meter there or just feel the inside backing 4 or 5” back from the duct opening to see if you feel any water or dampness. 


Another thing to watch for is that the opening may be very close to an exterior door.  When the door opens in the hot weather, it allows that 90% humidity to enter the room, and that cold air hits the warm humid air and you have the makings of a rain storm right in your room. 


Happy Customers


Thank you for your beautiful wood vent. I appreciate all the time you took in explaining each part of the process, and getting it measured correctly. It turned out great! Our guests are very impressed. They should be calling you soon!

-Kathy Garrick

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