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Different Ways We Can Help Accommodate Your Situational Needs

Custom Vents for You

Wine Rooms, Saunas, Radiators and More

Wine Rooms, Saunas, Cabinetry

These locations often require a custom or specified air flow. For customize air flow you will need to tell us your FREE AIR AREA (aka FAA). This is done by your HVAC tech converting your CFM’s into the FAA. Have your Free Air Area, duct opening size, and preferred design size ready if you need customized air flow.

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Radiator, Radiant Covers & Hydronics

These eyesores can easily be covered to bring beauty to your home or work space. Learn More by Clicking Here.

Exterior Vents

Gables, Soffits, Decking and More! We can help design a vent for you!

Restoring an Old Home or Historic Site?

Whether you are replicating a Gable, Shutters, etc., we have experience with helping to replicate historical sites. We’ve replicated pieces for George Washington’s home, Tryon Palace, Alamo, Clipper Ship & More!

Partitions for Aesthic Designs & Saftey Precautions for Social Distancing

Hotels and other businesses have loved our wooden partitions to help serve as room dividers, aesthetics or decorative design accents, as well as for social distancing screens (you can add glass, acrylic or plexiglass to it) that bring a warmer look to the work space.

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More Ways We Can Help…

If you don’t see your project type listed, feel free to contact us. We could never list all the options and custom project needs we have assisted with for  homeowners and contractors. As the manufacturer we are able to help make and design countless pieces for your specific needs. Feel free to email us with pictures for guidance on your specific needs. We are happy to help you!

Explore Your Options

Cabinetry Vents  & Cabinet Doors

Baseboards Triangular Baseboards

Door Vents & Louvered Doors

Radiant & Radiator Covers

Wood Partitions, Room Dividers & Covid Screens

RV Vents

Interior Shutters

Custom Projects

Restaurant Venting

Wine Cellars, Humidors & Saunas

Access Panels


Exterior Shutters

Attic/Exterior Gables


Foundation & Decking 

Exterior Privacy Partitions

Historical Reproductions

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