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Solid Wood Door Vents & Louvered Doors – Customized Per Your Needs

Door Vents and Door Louvers allow air to circulate between rooms, helping even out the temperature throughout while allowing privacy.  We custom build wooden door vent inserts and louvered wooden doors. 

If you want to have a stainable or paintable wood vent in your existing door or cabinet, we can make most any size to fit your situation! Typically, we’ll use the louvered style to create more privacy behind the door. If you need maximum privacy, we can create a chevron effect with louvered vents back to back or on either side of the door (outside and inside) so that you cannot see into the other side even if you put your eyes right up to the spaces.

Many Architects, Builders and HVAC companies also like the Grate Style or Laser Designs for this purpose. With the Grate Style we usually go with the small grid size. Architects, Builders, as well as HVAC companies, like the small grid size as it looks better with more smaller squares, and it also allows more air flow as well. Most Louvered Doors by most other manufacturers do not allow the proper air flow for heating or cooling systems.  We can design HVAC Door Vents for most systems! Door companies like us make these in many ways, already installed doors are usually designed a little differently, or if you are replacing a commercial door vent that someone kicked out, we can usually design it to replace the old one.

With vents on either side, we can also provide filter or soundproofing material to sandwich in between, creating an increase of privacy. We can Stain, Finish or Prime Paint your Wooden Door Vents, as well. We carry all Minwax® Oil-Based Stains. Our prime painting (in white or black) includes two coats on the front side, and one coat on the back side to seal and protect your door from humidity and temperature changes. Custom Staining or Painting may be available, just let us know your brand, color and sheen.

Placing Your Order

Due to the nature of this product, we do not offer online purchasing. If you are interested in purchasing your new door or vent-within-a-door from American Wood Vents, please let us know, so we can discuss your individual situation. You can submit your quote request through our Quote Now Center, call or email us with your specifications needed. We are able to assist you with making the Louvered Doors, Bi-Fold Doors,  Louvered Door Vents even Laser Design Door Vents for your Panel Door, Slab Door, Bi-Fold Door, etc.

Need something else?

Not a problem. Please give us a call at any time at 1-800-232-8353, and one of our woodworking professionals will consult with you about your individual situation. We’re open until 9 PM (CT) on weekdays, and until 4 PM (CT) on Saturdays. You can, however, reach us at any time by sending us an e-mail! We’re happy to help! To assist us in getting all of the information we need to quickly place your order and get it into production, please have ready the following information of overall size that you’d like your vent to be, the air flow size that you’d like your vent to have, the design that you have chosen and the type of wood that you would like your vent made.

Please Contact Us or give us a call to go over your Size, Air Flow and other Specifications for your Louvered or other door designs.

Door Vents, Door Louvers, & Custom Doors

Changes in your heating and cooling systems, or a realization that someone forgot to put an air return in an important area, can lead to the light bulb going off that you can put a vent in your door, or replace the door with a louvered door which is specifically designed for heating and cooling systems.

Whether you need a solid wood Door Vent made for an existing door, or an entire door piece made, We Can Help!


2 Fit Options Available: Surface/Flush Mount & Self-Rimming 

ALL SIZES ARE ORDERED BY DUCT OPENING / CUTOUT (ie air flow) SIZES! The Overall size is determined by the fit choice chosen. If you need a specified/custom overall size, please let us know at the time you place your order that sizing as well.

For the most accurate quote and proper fit, please check your Door Thickness as well.

Surface/Flush Mount

This fit has a standard 1/2″ solid border on each side and will rest flush within your door. For a 12 x 12″ duct opening/cutout size there will have an Overall size of 13 x 13″, unless you specify otherwise.


(Surface Mount / Drop In) This fit option has a standard 7/8″ lip/flange on each side that will rest on top of the door’s surface.

Design/Style Choices:

Louver Style

This design is a classic choice. The louvers are slanted one way, parallel to your specified dimension, obscuring direct view of the opening

Plantation Shutter Louver Style or Dadoed Style

Wider louvers of 2″ depth

Grate Style

(aka eggcrate or nautical hatching)

Allows for maximized air flow. Depending on your cutout size, we have a few different grid size options to choose

Laser Style

Our stocked and custom laser designs are cut from 1/4″ thick sheets of wood. These inserts can be set into your cabinetry doors, etc.

Shaker Style

Linear slats are parallel to the SHORT dimension, and are straight up without angle

Linear Style

Linear slats are parallel to the LONG dimension, and are straight up without angle.



Diamond Grid

Grid pattern is set at an angle creating a beautiful diamond pattern

Register Style

Louvers diffuse the air in 2 directions

Louvered Doors:  2 panel or 1 panel (full)

Flush Linear Door Vent

What to Measure…


We will need to know your Door Thickness. Typically Interior Doors are 1 3/8″ (1.375″) but 1.5″ and 1.75″ are also commonly found. If this is to fit within a Panel Door’s Paneling we will want to check the panel thickness as well, often these are 5/8″ or 3/4″.


All sizes are ordered by the Duct Opening size, so we will need to know the Duct Opening / Cutout size.


Sometimes the Overall size to fit within a panel may be equally as important if you have a specified size needed. 


If you need to trim the back side as well to look asthetically pleasing on front and back, for example if this is for a bathroom, bedroom, doctor’s office, attorney’s office, labs, schools, etc. If this is the case you may need more Privacy or Sound Dampening qualities. We make our Louvered Doors and Door Vents different ways as one size doesn’t fit all. 


Only the Best

Solid Wood, Handcrafted and American Made Pieces from Right Here in North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the WORLD!

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