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Hydronics, Radiator, Radiant Heat Systems
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Radiator, Radiant, or Hydronics (piped hot water or steam to radiant heat vents) in convection, forced or hydronics are normally found in three types.


The First type is commonly found in the Radiator that sits upright upon the floor and is commonly pretty ugly to look at over by the wall/ window or to the side of your room(s). These are more table height or mid wall heights. Here either we can build, or you can build a cabinetry over and around the upright radiator and then we can make the Louvered, Grate, Linear, Shaker or the Laser designs to fit into your cabinetry, OR we can make the entire cabinet surround including the venting.

Remember, you should have adequate venting to create a convection air flow, in order to allow an enhanced air flow through the radiator coils, fins, iron and not be bottled up inside the cabinetry. We do not want you too cold on a chilly night.

 You can also shoot us some pictures of what you have and maybe a picture of the design you prefer so we can advise for your situation.


The 2nd Type is a Radiant (commonly a piped system with fins on the top of your floor, usually not more than 15” above the floor and it usually extends wider than 30” sometimes going around several walls of the room.  We have made them go around rooms, inside and outside corners into an adjoining room up to 30 feet lengths.

Here, we need to know the Height of your fins, the distance out from the wall to the front side of the fins, including the location and of any bleeder or access valves, and if you want to access these on occasion so you can reduce or increase the heat to that particular room or area within the house.


The 3rd is a Hydronics under the floor. Here you will walk upon the Grate or Vent, and air will diffuse into the living space.  Here we need to understand the Opening Cutout Size in the sub floor, and sometimes the Opening Cutout in the hardwood or tile floor.  It is also helpful to understand the location of Shut Off or Bleeder Valves If these are going around the corner to another wall, just let us know about these variables. The more information we have from you, as we can’t be on site with you, is extremely beneficial in us determining the best way to design your pieces! Most of the time it is a 90° corner, but sometimes it is a 60° angle or something else. Pictures can also help us determine the angle and other information as well.


Toekick Space

With these 3 types listed above, there’s also really a 4th type as well, that is sometimes Electric Heat Under or Inside of a Cabinet. Typically referred to as the Toekick space, it also can be located in a wall, such as in a bathroom for quick heat in the bath area.


If you have a Toekick in the wall or other cabinetry, let us know the distance from the electric coils to the surface of your cabinetry.


On most all of these different types of needs you may have, you can just start the inquiry / conversation by sending us an email with some of the information we address above and maybe a picture or sketch so we can begin to design this to do the job best for your situation.

If you have a set of blueprints for a specific design you have in mind, you can upload it on our quote page or email it to us. The Laser Style, Shaker Style and Linear Style are the most poplar of our designs for radiant related coverings. Let us know your needs and we can help you design a piece right for your location, if needed. We can make just the vent or the whole cabinetry covering.

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