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Building Elegant Solid Wood Functional Statement Pieces

Shutters for Interior or Exterior Windows & Doors

Louvers that Move or Shut:

This concept is used not only in Interior Shutters on windows to open or close off the light or sunshine into the room, but can be used in commercial or residential places to change, adjust or  “throw” the supply air into a particular place in the room.  Particularly good for High Velocity systems in Restaurants, Bars, Church Venting, or with anyone who wants customers to feel the directed cool air in certain areas OR direct the air away from a particular group. They are also used when dealing with Air Returns to pull bad air directed from a particular area in the room.  These can be adjusted manually or mechanized by an electric motor. Just give us your window or door opening size, and either the layout for the roomheight of the ventor your ideas of  where what you want to see improvement, and we will  design the air flow and options to improve your system.

Louvers can be 1.25″, 2.5″ or 3.5″ Plantation Style Movable Louvers.




there are other requests we get to resolve, other problems needing solutions, or people wanting us to CREATE SOMETHING AMAZING!

Sometimes people need a vent on their Exterior Deck, the Base of a Deck, the Foundation, for Soffit vents, or Louvered Walls to create shade from the sun or privacy and many other uses.

For the Commercial Building or Single Home Owner…

We have made these for large commercial buildings, for different air transfer amounts, sometimes with 10° sills or encasement sizes, fitting into different thickness siding, stucco, molding, or flush. You can specify most any detail of this to fit your project or design requirements, including, air flow capacity, surround for surface integration or flush mount, our standard is using Galvanized 1/4″ mesh to keep out the birds, bats and squirrels etc. along with Dark Charcoal Bug Mesh to keep out the Wasps, Bugs etc., however, we can also use specified Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel mesh and other custom features.


Contact us with what you need or send drawings to

Since each piece is made to order to best fit your location, all the way down to the louver thickness, here is a visual on the different ways we get the measurements for your shutters.

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