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For Stone Vents We Offer Both Floor & Wall Fit Options. Learn More Below!

If you have a tile location, you might also like a paintable wood vent made in Birch, Maple, Pine or Poplar.

We Carry 4 Color Options, 2 Fits, and Several Designs for Stone Vents

Please note when ordering:
Stone Vents are more time intensive with several steps in crafting. Please allow 4-6 weeks.
If you have a timeline, please call us and we will see how we can assist in meeting your schedule.

Floor Vent Fit Options

For Floors We Offer 3 Fits to Choose From:

-Self-Rimming (surface mount / drop in)

-Flush Mount with Frame

-TrimLine Flush Mount (without frame)


Self-Rimming will have Rounded Leading Edges and Rests Proud of Surface. This will have a 7/8″ Lip/Flange on each Side, Unless Otherwise Specified. A 4 x 10″ duct opening size, will have an OVERALL vent size of 5.75 x 11.75″.

Flush Mount with Frame will Lie Flush within the Floor Surface You will need Your Duct Opening Size as well as Floor Thickness. For a 4 x 10″ duct opening size there will have an Overall vent size INCLUDING the framework of approximately 6.875 x 12.875″.

TrimLine Flush Mount this is a Frameless Flush Mount. You will need a minimum of 1/2″ solid support on all 4 sides for saftey. You will need to know your duct opening size and floor thickness.

For a 4 x 10″ duct opening size will have an Overall size of 5 x 11″ .

Floor Design/Style Options

We Offer 4 Designs for stone vents

-Register Style

-Grate Style

-Shaker Style

-Linear Style

Register Style will diffuse the air in 2 directions.


Grate Style is the most strong and load bearing design.


Shaker Style will have linear slats parallel to the short dimension without angle.

Wood Flush Mount with Frame Shaker Linear Vents


Linear Style will have linear slats parallel to the long dimension straightup without angle.


Wall Stone Vent Fits


-is a surface mount / drop in fit and will rest proud of or atop of surface.

-will have a  7/8″ lip/flange on all 4 sides


-4 x 10″ duct opening size will have a 5.75 x 11.75″ Overall size

For Walls We Have 2 Fit Options of:

-Self-Rimming (surface mount / drop in)

-Surface / Flush Mount

Surface / Flush Mount

-will rest flush within your surface thickness

-will have 1/2″ solid border on all sides, unless otherwise specified


-4 x 10″ Duct Opening size will have a 5 x 11″ Overall size

Design / Style Options


Wall Stone Vents

Louvers Diffuse the Air in 2 Directions.

Register Style

Allows for Maximum Air Flow. Also Referred to as the Eggcrate, Nautical Hatching, or Square Grid Pattern.

Grate Style

Linear Slats will Have NO Angle, and Run Parallel to the Short Dimension.

Shaker Style

Linear slats will have NO Angle, and Run Parallel to the Long Dimension.

Linear Style

Louvers can Slant One Way to Obscure Direct View into Duct Opening. This can be Further Customized by Running the Louvers Parallel to the SHORT or LONG dimension.

Louver Style