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Prime & Top Coat Painting Options

For Birch, Maple, Pine or Poplar woods, We do Offer Both Prime Painting and/or Top Coat Painting Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Prime Painting?

Why Do I Want Prime Painting?

If you are painting your wood vent to match a wall or surface area, Prime Painting allows proper adhesion of your top coat of paint. It acts as a magnet for the final paint coats. If you don’t prime before you paint, you may have to use more coats of your final paint to cover the surface.

Can I Prime It Myself?

Of Course! The benefit of us Prime Painting for you, is we use a 4-Way Sprayer that gets into all those little crevices for better coverage. If you are buying a small piece or quantity, often it is more cost effective for you to request we add this service on your behalf.

How Many Coats Do You Use?

When we Prime Paint for you, we will use 2 coats on the front/top side, and 1 coat on the back side, with sanding in between.

What Colors Do You Have?

Prime Painting we carry White and Black. If you do not specify which color, it is understood by default you want White. Please make sure to request Black if you prefer this option.

Do I Need to Paint It If It Is Primed?

YES! Prime Painting will only prepare the surface for better adhesion and coverage of your top coat of paint.

Paint Grade Wood Options

Most any wood will paint, however, you do not normally want a grainy wood such as Oak as it would take 10 coats to cover the grain which would keep popping through the paint. You also do not want a wood which would have a lot of sap which prevents the paint from being able to adhere properly to this area. Paintable Wood Options include White Pine, Yellow Pine, Poplar,  Maple and White Birch. For HVAC use, the White Birch is the best as it is top notch to paint with tight pores and grain, and it is the most resistant to condensation, temperature or humidity changes. 

Painting Option Summary

When we Prime or Top Coat Paint your vents, we use a 4 way spray so that it gets the paint into the small crevices to protect the wood for later on down the road. The colors you use for your vent will depend on the color of the surface which will surround your vent. Fortunately, we carry a vast supply of staining and painting solutions to help your wood vents match virtually any surface.

We stock certain Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paint colors as listed below. Furthermore, we welcome special paint color requests to assist you in getting the perfect piece.

After the Top Coat paint is applied the final step is to apply the finish to it, so it can seal the wood vent from condensation, heat, and humidity changes over the years. We use a durable clear coat finish that is either Satin or Semi-Gloss for paint options. The finish is your choice.

Top Coat Paint

What is a Top Coat Paint?

The “Top Coat” refers to the color to match your surface area. This is where if you want White, Blue, Tan, etc. to match your surface, that color is applied here.


In-Stock Color Options

Benjamin Moore

White Dove OC-17

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Simply White OC-117

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Super White OC-152

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

In-Stock Color Options 


Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Choose Satin or Semi-Gloss

Need a Color or Brand That We Don’t Stock?

If you are trying to match your vent to a special color not listed, to match your beautiful and unique paint color, OFTEN we can help you. Let us know the Brand with Name and Color Code, and we can usually add this on. It will cost the quart or amount of paint purchased plus the painting service.

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