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Standard / Custom Fit & Sizes

Step Risers, ToeKicks & Other Tight Spots

2 Optional Fits, Many Designs, Over 2 Dozen Wood Options

At American Wood Vents, we specialize in crafting all types of solid wood vents, registers, grilles, and panel covers in most any size.  Large floor vents or narrow Toe Kick and Stair-Riser vents, we can handcraft solutions for your location. Whether it’s meant to be installed in the space beneath a cabinet or vanity, our Toekick vents let you circulate air throughout your home without compromising the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or other area.

Measuring for Toekicks, Stair Risers and tight areas

We just need to know the opening size in the Toekick area, the distance from the opening to the floor and from the top side of the opening to the cabinetry above, so we can make sure we make it to properly fit.

Sometimes the opening cutout size is not centered and may be all the way to the floor and up to the bottom of the cabinet. Many times the cutout opening is right in the middle of the toe area, and occasionally it is flush with the floor or cut to the cabinetry above.

We can accommodate most any situation you may encounter!

For Toe Kick areas, we typically need the Opening Cutout size, notated if it is closer to the floor or closer to the cabinet above, and usually we need notation of the Overall Height you can handle in the ToeKick area

We stock over 24 wood species to choose from to best match your space.

If you are staining your wood all of these woods are beautiful options. If you are painting your wood, we recommend ONLY Birch, Maple, Pine or Poplar. Birch is the most resistant to temperature changes and humidity.

“We have made vents over 22 feet in length, and can make them most any shape or size”

Current Standard Sizes Offered:

  • 2 x 10″, 2 x 12″, 2 x 14″
  • 4 x 10″, 4 x 12″, 4 x 14″
  • 6 x 6″, 6 x 8″, 6 x 10″, 6 x 12″, 6 x 14″
  • 8 x 10″, 8 x 12″, 8 x 14″
  • 10 x 10″
  • 12 x 12″
  • 14 x 14″

Need a Custom Size? Request a Quote Today!

2 Fit Choices


If you choose a Self-Rimming fit for your duct size of 2 x 10″, the Overall size is 3.75 x 11.75″,  or a 2 x 12″ will have an Overall size 3.75 x 13.75″, and a 2 x 14″ opening or air flow size will have an Overall size 3.75 x 15.75″, you can place standard sized orders here. If you need something different, it is usually not any more for similar configurations.

Your invoice will verify your sizes on the order. For a 2 x 10″ duct opening, you will see it noted with Overall size 3.75 x 11.75″, also typically it will be specified on your order to have 2 countersink screw holes so you can just install it and access this area later. We will need a minimum of a 7/8″ lip if you need Countersink Screw Holes.

Do you need Countersink Screw Holes?

Countersink Screw Holes will allow your screw to lay flush with the vent surface and install more quickly.

Example of a Self-Rimming Register Style with Damper and Countersink Screw Holes:

Surface Flush-Mount

We also have the Surface / Flush Mount fit with straight edges and 1/2″ solid border on each side. You will need to know your surface thickness, for this to install flush to your surface. If you have a 2 x 10″ duct opening or cutout size, the Overall size of your vent will be 3 x 11″.



Contact us by phone, quote page, or email if you need something else.

All orders will arrive UNFINISHED unless you specify otherwise. We use the Minwax Oil Based Stains if you do request staining. We also offer Prime Painting. If you request this option, it will be specified on your invoice that we e-mail for verification the SAME DAY you place the order.


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