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Vent Fit Options

Walls, Ceilings, Baseboards & More

Non-Floor/ Non-Load-Bearing Locations

We offer 3 Options of Fit

Self-Rimming (a.k.a. Surface Mount or Drop-In)

No Handy Person Needed to Install

**We Offer Countersink Screw Holes for Easy Installation**


Surface / Flush Mount (Sits Flush Into Surface)

If Your Space isn’t Already Set Up for this,

Fit, You Will Need a Handy Person to Help Install


Triangular Baseboard

Must be custom ordered


♦ What is a Self-Rimming (Surface Mount / Drop In) Vent?

In a Self-Rimming Vent fit option (also sometimes called the Drop-In style) vents have a 7/8″ lip on each side with smoothed or rounded leading edges that sit proud of the surface. It simply drops into the duct opening and you are all set! This is a quick and easy, yet elegant way to improve the aesthetics of your home or business. This is a great option if you need to cover up uneven cuts around the duct opening, or any other blemishes in the surrounding area. We can customize your Overall Size needs as well in most cases, even for those that have Asymmetrical Fitting Situations. Often we have needed to fit vents that are close to some obstruction such as molding, cabinetry, etc. For a Standard Fitting situation if you have a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, your Overall Size would be 5.75 x 11.75″. If your duct opening is up against any obstruction (ex. floor, door, etc.) we can change the fit to meet your customized situational needs! Please note, if you do need Countersink Screw Holes added we will require a 7/8″ lip to make each screw hole. The #6 or #8 screw works quite nicely with our screw holes.

*Due to many of our professional contractors all having different preferences, we do not automatically add Countersink Screw Holes. We also do not carry screws to add to your vent piece.*

When you place your order, ALL sizes go by the Duct Opening Size. The Duct Opening Size is the size of the plenum or sheet metal boot in the wall, ceiling, etc. Do not worry if this is an irregular size. This is just the “rough cut” into place during installation and it is hidden as the wood vent will cover and trim this area. The duct opening size also tells us your air flow size.  The back of your vent will nest into this duct opening for a secure fit.


When you choose Self-Rimming Wood Vents, you have several style options, such as:

    • Shaker Style (Slats are Parallel with Short Dimension)

    • Linear Style (Linear Slats are Parallel with Long Dimension)

    • Grate Style (Grid, Eggcrate, Hatch Work, Boat Decking, Rickenbacker)

    • Register Style (Diffuses the Air in 2 Directions)

    • Laser Style Designs in Stocked & Custom Designs

    Learn More About Design/Style Options

    For any vent NOT located on the floor, we have several design options to choose. Learn More Here 

    What is a Surface / Flush Mount?


    For a Surface / Flush Mount fit with straight edges having a 1/2″ border on each side, this will usually require the help of a handy person, as these vents are flush to the surface. Many customers such as architects and designers prefer this look. In a Standard Fitting situation to fit a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, this will give you an Overall Size of 5 x 11″, we will need to know the thickness of the surface it is being inset with, also if you need a specified Overall Size, let us know!

    If this needs to fit flush between your base molding, typically your molding will be around 5/8″ to 3/4″ thickness. Some locations may even require 7/8″ to 1″ thickness, let us know your situation so we can make at the thickness you need. 


    There are different ways to fit Surface / Flush Mount vents. These types of vents are commonly used in areas such as the baseboards, but can also fit into other areas such as the side walls, molding, tongue & groove, paneling, crown moliding, cabinetry, ceiling, toe kicks, etc.  We can fit them Flush into most any surface such as drywall and with a little planning into Plaster and Tile work or solid surface counter tops. Whether you want Alder, Oak, Cherry, Maple or any number of other wood choices, they can be matched to fit whatever surface you have in mind for your vent. Matching your species will help your stain absorb in a similar way, and the grain to match. If you do not know your wood species, send us a photo and we are happy to assist you.

    Sometimes you will have vents located at the Low Wall between the baseboard molding with the duct opening or air flow located in the floor, on the low side wall, or just above the base molding area Side Wall or the Ceiling areas. Sometimes these are Triangular and some are at ¾”, 7/8” or 1” thickness to fit pretty flush with your base molding. We can accommodate most any situation you have. Just let us know where these are located and if there is interaction with the base or crown molding or even doorways, door swings, cabinetry, or so many other situations. 

     Homeowners and Professionals typically want to have flush mounted vents because they are perfectly flush or smooth with the surface and looks better than the Drop in Surface mounted vents such as the Metal ones we typically replace. Flush Mount vents are built into the Baseboard molding, Wainscotting, Molding, drywall, plaster, tile, cabinetry, doors and other areas. which mean you’ll barely notice they are there.  

    Wainscot walls which have paneling along the lower wall or wainscoting, can have our wood vents integrated fairly easily. Typically today’s wainscot is 3/8” thickness, but it is also common to 5/8” or ¾” thickness.  Other less common areas where our vents can be flush mounted include stair treads, stair risers, and transom areas. Flush Mount vents are also found into drywall, in molding, paneling or other woodwork.  

    However, you must choose the right flush mount size and thickness in order to accommodate the size and thickness of your particular flooring. Otherwise, these would not fit or provide the proper air flow into the room. Fortunately, American Wood Vents has flush mounts available for all types, no matter what size or thickness. Since we are the Manufacturer, and do not have to Punch Out just one size and one air flow we can configure not only for the Same Wood as is your location, or to be Flush with your specific surface thickness, but also we can design the “Throw’ or how the air diffuses into the living space. We can also design the air flow to accommodate most anything you need. Remember, that wood is thicker than metal and is not as efficient as a stamped out thin metal vent, but if you can convert the CFM you need over to Free Air Area, then we can usually design the floor, wall or ceiling vents to accommodate the air flow.

     All sizes go by the Duct Opening Size. The Duct Opening Size is the size of the plenum or sheet metal boot in the wall, ceiling, etc. Do not worry if this is an irregular size. This is just the “rough cut” into place during installation and it is hidden as the wood vent will cover and trim this area. Just give us the duct opening size, the thickness of the surface and the wood species. If you want Flush mount vents, we may need more information or you may have questions regarding the installation. With today’s tools, it is not very difficult for a handy type person to install flush mount vents into your location. When you order we will ask you several questions to better understand your situation so we get you the correct size and product. 

    For the Self-Rimming


    Surface Flush Mounts

    we offer Standard & Custom Sizes

    Our Standard Sizes Include:

    • 2 x 10″, 2 x 12″, 2 x 14″

    • 4 x 10″, 4 x 12″, 4 x 14″

    • 6 x 6″, 6 x 8″, 6 x 10″, 6 x 12″, 6 x 14″

    • 8 x 10″, 8 x 12″, 8 x 14″, 

    • 10 x 10″ 12 x 12″, 14 x 14″, 

    • 16 x 16″, 18 x 18″, 20 x 20″, 22 x 22″, 24 x 24″

    We offer over a dozen standard thickness. If you don’t see yours listed on the Shop Now Page, simply request a quote! 

    For any sizes not listed as standard, please submit a quote for more information, as we can make most any size. As the manufacturer we can make these pieces according to your situational fit needs and sizing.

    ♦  Triangular Baseboard Vents are also an option for some situations.

    These are  a great way to increase air flow as much as 70% for your space.  We will need to know the Length x Width x Depth needed for this space. While we do carry the traditional styles, you can also opt for a Laser Design to be inserted for the face of the grille’s air flow. We do not carry “standard” sizing for Triangular baseboards, these are available as custom quoted pieces.

    TBB Side

    Triangular Baseboard Vents are all custom sizes. Please request a quote for more information.

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