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TrimLines are Made to fit Flush within Your Floor Surface. You will Need your Floor Thickness as well as Duct Opening Size. 

This Fit Doesn’t Need a Frame as it is will Rest onto Your Subfloor,  Allowing a Minimum of 1/2″ Support on All 4 Sides of Your Duct Opening.

This style is favored by leading designer, architects, and industrial professionals.

For a 4 x 10″ duct opening, the vent will have an Overall size of 5 x 11 x floor thickness requested.

Flush Mounts are a Common Choice for NEW Flooring Installations. You will Need to Know your Floor Thickness and Duct Opening Size to Keep Flush to the Floor Surface.

For a 4 x 10″ Duct Opening Size, the Overall Size Including the Frame is approximately 6.875 x 12.875″.

(Surface Mount / Drop In)

with Rounded Leading Edges, Sits Approximately 1/4″ Proud of Surface.

This is the Only “fit” option for “floating floors.”

For a 4 x 10″ duct opening, the Vent will have an Overall Size of 5.75 x 11.75″.

See the Custom Quote Section or Call for CUSTOM Lip sizes, our standard is 7/8″ lip for each side. If fitting into a Tight Space or Against Obstruction, such as Needing a Flush Cut Against Wall we are happy to customize for your situation.

Louvers diffuse the air in 2 directions

a.k.a. eggcrate style


Strongest & MOST load bearing of all designs. 
Also, excellent at maximizing air flow.

Linear slats are parallel to the SHORT dimension, straight up without angle.


Wood Flush Mount with Frame Shaker Linear Vents

Linear slats are parallel to the LONG dimension, straight up without angle.

Similar to the Grate Style our Diamond Grid is made from a square grid pattern, and is set at an angle, creating a beautiful diamond pattern. This style is available for custom orders only. Please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks for this specific design to be crafted.

For Supply Vents in Standard Sizes, We do Offer the Option of a Damper.

Dampers do not automatically come with the vents, as we have found most of our professional customers such as architects, designers, and contractors prefer not to use a damper.

For More Information on Dampers, Visit Our Dampers & Air Filter Learning Page.


Some designs like the Linear or Grate Styles will not have an access wheel, to adjust your damper simply lift your vent up and adjust the blades.

For the Register and Shaker Styles there will usually be an access wheel, or you can lift your vent up to adjust the blades.



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