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3 different FLOOR Vent FIT Options to serve you best.

American Wood Vents offers several different options for floors, and situations where vents may be withstanding floor traffic or weight. Our vents have been put to the test by our customers. Whether you need something to withstand children playing, or need special vents for 3,000 lb. trolleys rolling across them, our products are sure to be a permanent fixture in your home.


Checkout out our YouTube video for more images and options.


(Surface Mount/Drop In) Fit Option

How to Install: Simply drops in to duct opening and rests 1/4″ proud of surface.

No Handyman Needed

Consider your Overall space allowance, in case you need a Custom fit. Our standard Lip/Flange is 7/8″ on each side. If you order a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, the Overall size will be 5.75 x 11.75″.

Self-Rimming HVAC Vents Are Ideal For Existing Wood Flooring

(“Drop-In” Installation)

Self Rimming HVAC vents comprise 90% of the metal vents our customers replace.  This vent style has a thin lip or flange which extends beyond the opening, and overlaps the flooring to trim or cover most irregular floor cutouts.  If you’re working with existing flooring, you may want to consider this Self-Rimming fit model. This fit style (sometimes called the Drop-In style), like many existing metal vent covers, overlaps the floor by 7/8″ on each side (however you can customize this by contacting us), and can be installed in existing flooring simply by dropping it in the duct opening, it will then rest on top of the floor’s surface. Not only is this a quick and easy, yet elegant, way to improve the aesthetics, fit or airflow of your home or office, but it also covers up any uneven cuts or blemishes in the flooring next to the duct opening.

This is the ONLY “Fit” Option if you have floating floors.


If you want Self-Rimming Vents, you may want a better fit if they cut your flooring away from the duct opening, so we can do that also! Just contact us to go over your situation if the Standard Sizes may not work for you. We may also need the “Overall Size” if your Self-Rimming or Flush Mount is close to some obstruction such as molding, cabinetry, a wall or something else. The Overall size is the total size the vent occupies to fit within the location area.



Front View


Side View


Back View of Rabbeted Edge

Flush Mounted Vents for a Smooth & Sleek Design that’s Smooth /Flush with the Floor

(Great For New Flooring!)

We have 2 Flush Fit Options: Flush Mount with Frame and TrimeLine Flush Mount (without frame) 


Here, we will explain about the different fit options for Flush Mount vents for your flooring. We can fit them Flush into most any surface such as, Hardwood floors, engineered floors, tile, even Laminate floors. Typically floating floors are the only floors that can’t accept flush vents, sometimes it is possible with a little extra work but not recommended. TrimLine Flush Mounts (without frames) can be made flush for 5/16″ or 8 mm thickness or greater, and Flush Mount with Frames can be made flush for 7/16 or 0.4375″ thickness or greater.

Homeowners and Professionals typically want to have flush mounted vents because they are perfectly flush or smooth with the surface of the flooring and looks better than the Metal Drop in surface mounted vents we typically replace. Flush Mount vents are built into the wood floors which means you will barely notice them. If you have an Existing floor and you want to install a flush mount, either before or after you receive your wood vent, you will have to cut the surrounding area of the duct opening or hole to receive the flush mount larger than the current duct opening size.

Some buyers want a Flush Mount with Frame, especially if they have enough time to get the wood vents before installation begins. Sometimes even with New 3/4″ flooring, you may prefer the Trimline Flush Mounts without the frames as this reduces the overall size of the wood vent and keeps your flooring more of the focal point. The Trimline Flush Mount is being more and more specified by Architects, Builders and Flooring companies. The decision to choose frames or not, really depends on the size of the hole and if it is already cut into the floor for the vent or the fit preference. If you are installing new flooring,  your vent fit may have more options.

Wood vents can be made Flush to your New Flooring or existing hardwood flooring. Even if you are getting ready to install Tile Flooring, if we set up the flooring installation instructions or protocol, we can make solid wood vents to fit Flush into your 3/8” or thicker tile, slate, granite, solid surface stonework.

If you’re a contractor, especially if you’re installing new flooring, your best bet would be the Flush Mount fit. This model, as its name implies, fits flush to the surface of your flooring, and allows you to run your hand over the flooring with no rise, but perfectly smooth with the surface of your flooring. By their very nature, they require a little more work to install, but it makes this model add that “Wow!” factor to your project or home. Do you have a floor which is already installed and want Flush Mount vents? It is very possible with today’s tools to retrofit your flooring for this smooth surface so the raised vents will not get in the way of floor traffic, furniture or children. We make Flush Mount in Standard and Custom Sizes, for most any flooring thickness. Thicknesses such as 3/4″, 11/16″, 5/8″, 9/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″, 3/8″, 5/16″, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm or even thicker are all possible.  The Flush Mount with Frame can be made for 7/16″ floor thickness and THICKER.  You may have to Contact Us if you do not see what you need on the order request options. Please note, if you have a floating floor, we do not advise the flush fits and only offer the Self-Rimming fit.

The floor supply and air return vents are built into the flooring so that everything is totally smooth or flush with the top of your flooring. This is no difference in having the smaller or the larger air returns installed into the flooring. Everything will be completely flush with the flooring surface. Since American Wood Vents is the manufacturer, we can make these vents to not only look fabulous, to fit most anywhere, but also to accommodate most any issue you are trying to solve. Just let us know what you have and we will get to work.

 **ALL SIZES ARE ORDERED & REFERRED TO BY DUCT OPENING SIZES.**   The Duct Opening size is the size of the plenum or sheet metal boot below the sub floor area. Do not worry if this is an irregular size. This is just “rough cut” into place during installation and it hidden as the wood vent will cover and trim this area. Just give us the duct opening size, the thickness of the floor and the wood species, if you want Flush mount vents. If your flooring is already installed, we may need more information or you may have questions regarding the installation. With today’s tools, it is not very difficult for a handy type person to install flush mount vents into your already installed floor. When you order and we will ask you several questions to better understand your situation so we get you the correct size and product.

While all vents are ordered by duct opening sizes, we may also need the “overall size” if your vent is close to some obstruction such as molding, cabinetry, a wall or something else. The overall size is the total surface area the vent will oocupy. Finally, for flush mount vents, we’ll need the thickness of your flooring. If you don’t know, and you have your floor manufacturer’s name, style name and plank size available, we can get that information for you.

You must choose the right flush mount size and thickness in order to accommodate the size and thickness of your particular flooring. Otherwise, these would not fit or provide the proper air flow into the room. Fortunately, American Wood Vents has flush mount options available for many types of flooring for most any size or thickness. Since we are the Manufacturer, and do not have to Punch Out just one size and one air flow, like metal vent makers, we can actually configure not only for the same or similar Wood as your flooring, or to be Flush with your specific floor thickness, but also we can customize the air flow if you can tell us your preferred Free Air Area. Remember, that wood is thicker than metal and is not as efficient as a stamped out thin metal vent, but if you have your HVAC technician convert the CFM you need over to Free Air Area, then we can usually design the vents to accommodate the air flow.


*Good Choice For New Flooring Installations*



Flush Mount with Frame

Fit Option

This is a classic and common choice for those installing New Flooring. This typically requires the help of a handyman to install into the flooring so it can be flush.

You will need to know your duct opening size and floor thickness to place the order.

Consider how much Overall space allowance you have as well, as the frame adds approximately 2.875″ roughly to each dimension. If you order a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, the Overall size WITH Frame is approximately 6.875 x 12.875″.

Flush Mount with Frame at a 3-Dimensional look.

Wood Flush Mount with Frame Shaker Linear Vents

Flush Mount with Frame

Front View

Flush mount with Frame

Side View

Flush Mount with Frame

Back View

TrimLine Flush Mount (Frameless)

Fit Option

This is a fit preferred by most builders, architects and designers. The TrimLine creates a more modern and streamline look. It is much easier to install for existing flooring. It can also be used for new flooring installations. You will need to know your duct opening size and floor thickness to place the order. Also, make sure you have a minimum of 1/2″ for each side for load bearing support.

In TrimLine Flush Mounts, your floor around the duct opening will be cut centered from your duct. Allowing for a minimum of 0.5″ of support for each side, and rests upon your subfloor. If you order a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, your Overall size will be 5 x 11 x 0.75″ (floor thickness).

TrimLine Flush Mounts


The Trimline Flush Mount is favored, by Architects, Designers & more, as it keeps the Overall Size smaller so that the flooring remains the focal point and not the wood vent. The Trimline Flush Mount does NOT have a separate frame and rests directly upon the Sub Floor, so that everything is flush and safe. You can still remove the flush mount from the surrounding flooring, just do not glue, nail or shellac it down. Trimline Flush Mounts are also liked as they are more forgiving in installation. For example, if you have an already installed floor and you want to install flush mounts, then you will need to cut the surrounding area. If you make a mistake and the surrounding cut, and need to enlarge the wood vent, not a problem we can make it a little larger in order to accommodate that larger area.  The flush mount with a separate frame takes up a larger imprint on the floor.

Finally, for flush mount vents, we’ll need the thickness of your flooring. If you don’t know, and you have your floor manufacturer’s name, style name and plank size available, we can get that information for you.



Your Vent and Your Floor Become One.


TrimLine Flush Mount

Side View

Trim Line Flush Mount Wood Floor Vent

TrimLine Flush Mount

Front View

TrimLine Flush Mount

Back View

Additional Options Explained:

Floor Vent Design Styles

When you choose your vent “Fit” options you have several design/style options to choose from as well. Such as Register, Linear, Shaker, or Grate Style, and for custom orders the Diamond Grid Style. Unfortunately, if your vent is located on the floor, Laser Designs/Styles are NOT an option, due to strength and durability concerns.

Shaker Style

(Slats are Parallel with Short Dimension)

Register Style

(Diffuses the Air in 2 Directions)

Linear Style

(Linear Slats are Parallel with Long Dimension)

Grate Style

(Grid, Eggcrate, Hatch Work, Boat Decking, Rickenbacker)

Diamond Grid

Custom Option

allow 4-6 weeks

We Do Also Carry Floor Dampers for Standard Sizes. You Can Learn More On Our Damper Learning Page Here!

We find often our professionals such as architects, designers, and contractors found the dampers not to be necessary with wooden vents. 

If you do want dampers you will want to request them at the time you place your order, as these can NOT be added after manufacturing the vent. 

Our Standard Floor Sizes Include:

  • 2 x 10″, 2 x 12″, 2 x 14″
  • 4 x 10″, 4 x 12″, 4 x 14″
  • 6 x 10″, 6 x 12″, 6 x 14″

We offer over a dozen standard floor thickness. If you don’t see your vent sizes listed on the Shop Now Page, simply request a quote!

Have a Custom Size?

Don’t see your size listed as a standard size?

That’s okay, simply Request a Quote and one of our representatives will respond within 24 hours.

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