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Floor Vent Design Options

For Floor Vents the Load Bearing Strength is a Great Concern.

For Standard Sizes & Options we carry 5 design/style options:

  • Register Style
  • Shaker Style
  • Linear Style
  • Grate Style
  • Diamon Grid Style

For oversized or heavy traffic areas we recommend the Grate Style where load bearing concern may be an issue.

All  Diamond Grid style vents are custom orders.

Register Style

Louvers will diffuse the air in 2 directions. This is a classic and popular choice. 

This style is available for sizes under 8″ high. For example, 9 x 10″ would be too large, and the louvers will not be strong enough to be load bearing. 

The Register Style is a great and classic choice on small sizes such as: 2 x 10″, 4 x 10″, 6 x 10″, etc.

Shaker Style


Linear Slats are Parallel to the SHORT Dimension, Straight Up Without Angle. 

For spans over 9″ in width, there will be a rear stile behind the grille to help support this piece’s strength for load bearing needs. 

Linear Style



Linear Slats are Parallel to the LONG Dimension, Straight Up Without Angle. 

For spans over 9″ in width, there will be a rear stile behind the grille to help support this piece’s strength for load bearing needs. 

Grate Style

Also known as Eggcrate or Nautical Hatching. This square grid pattern is the strongest and most load bearing of all designs, while maximizing air flow. 

Ideal for Oversized locations. 

Diamond Grid Style

This style is very similar to the Grate Style, the grid pattern is angle to create a beautiful diamond pattern. 

This pattern is considered a custom order design and takes more time to create. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks on average for this style.

Additional Information:


  • For larger or Oversized floor vents you will want to make sure it is strong enough to handle standard foot traffic, and maybe even special heavy loads that will frequently be placed on it. We have had these go in Factories where trollies weighing 3,000 to 4,000 pounds have to travel over these solid wood vents.  In restaurants chairs may frequently be slid across them, or even motorized wheel chairs. This strength and durability is achieved using the strongest most load bearing design of the GRATE STYLE! The Grate Style is also sometimes referred to as Eggcrate, Rickenbacher, Boat Hatch Works, Nautical Hatching, Boat Decking or Square Grid pattern. The Grate Style is the strongest because each piece is cut with the grain of the wood and interlocked at 90 degree angles together. Our Grate Style will use in standard sizes and smaller custom sizes a grid size of 5/8″ open squares, surrounded by 1/4″ solid wood.  We do also carry a 3/4″ open squares with 1/4″ grid for specific needs. Our Strongest grid size is the 1″ open squares, surronded by 1/2″ solid wood. The 1″ open squares are available in a 3/8″ solid wood grid, they are not as strong but do allow more air flow. For spans over 9″ we typically use the 1″ open squares with 1/2″ solid wood.


  • If air flow is of any concern, our designs can be adjusted to assist your needs. We will need a few bits of information to help you get close to a specified air flow. Firstly, you will need your HVAC technician to convert the CFM’s into FREE AIR AREA.  Please note, we do not make this conversion for you. Once you give us the FREE AIR AREA, DUCT OPENING SIZE, DESIGN/STYLE CHOICE we can begin calculating your air flow options.

Need More Support?

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For Floor Vents We Carry the Following Sizes as Standard BUY NOW Options:

  • 2 x 10″, 2 x 12″, 2 x 14″

  • 4 x 10″, 4 x 12″, 4 x 14″

  • 6 x 10″, 6 x 12″, 6 x 14″

Please Keep in Mind that Although these are Standard Sizes,  Each Piece is Made Per Order, Per Your Specifications of Fit, Design, Thickness, Wood Species, etc.

For All Other Sizes, Submit a Quote Today on our Request for Quote Page, and We Will Email You a Quote within 1 – 2 Business Days.