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Baseboard & Triangular Baseboard Wood Vent – Custom Quote

  • Add a touch of class with high quality solid wood vents!

    We offer many options to get a solid wood vent just right for your HVAC location.

    For more information regarding wood vents and options, see our Summary box at the bottom of this page.

    Each Vent is Built Just For You!


    *Remember* ALL SIZES are ordered by the Duct Opening Size! Your Overall size is determined by your selected fit.

    After you submit your Free Quote request through the checkout, one of our representatives will email you a letter explaining the cost and options for your project.

    Let's Get Started Building Your Free Quote!

    *Will You Be Painting or Staining Your Wood Vent?

    *Paintable Wood Option

    Our Paintable Wood Options Include:

    Birch, Maple, Pine and Poplar

    Birch is the best as it is the most resistant to temperature changes and humidity.

    *Select Stainable Wood

    If you do not know your wood species, that's okay. You can attach a photo of your wood at the bottom of this quote.

    *Vent Fit

    *Vent Design/Style

    *Laser Design Preferred

    Upload Your Personal Design Photo Here

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    *Duct Opening or Cutout Size

    Measure the Opening of the Vent Hole Cutout / Sheet Metal

    If this is to Fit Flush or for a Triangular Baseboard, Make Sure to Include the Depth / Thickness Needed

    Ex. 10 x 4 x 3/4"

    *Overall Size Needed

    If you have a Specified or Limited Size Restricions, Make Sure to Note Those Needs Here.

    Ex. 14" wide x 6.5" high x 1" thickness

    *Surface Thickness


    What is your surface thickness of your base molding, etc to have your vent rest flush within it?


    *Need Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Piece?

    *Asymmetrical Fit Needs

    If your location has asymmetrical needs; such as off centered or needing a flush cut for the floor, notate that here.

    *Describe Vent Location

    *Need Prime Painting?


    All Vents are Purchased as UNFINISHED, UNLESS You Request Painting Services.

    *Need Top Coat Paint?

    *Paint Finish

    *Tell Us Your Custom Paint Color

    *Need Staining?

    ALL VENTS are Purchased UNFINISHED, Unless You Request Staining.

    If you need us to stain this piece for you, we will use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains with a 4 way sprayer to get into all those little crevices, with 2 coats front and 1 coat back.

    *Finish Sheen Type

    Additional Comments / Questions?

    Optional Photo Upload Pt. 1

    If you need to include any photo to verify wood type, stain, location, or other issues, you may do so here.

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Photo Upload Option Pt. 2

    • (max file size 256 MB)

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Integrated Baseboard and Baseboard Triangular Wood Vents

Crafted from solid woods, our baseboard vents are made to stand up to generations of use.  Because of the way our vents are constructed, they are popular for restoration projects in historic, Victorian era and modern homes, where the detail and quality of every feature is extremely important. At the same time, our vents have a timeless quality that makes them ideal for new or modern homes as well! There are two types of baseboard vents: the ones which fit flat against the wall and the baseboard molding (sort of like the one pictured to the lower left) and the Triangular Baseboard type (the 2nd picture lower right). We have made up to 22-foot-length vents.

Louvered Wall Vent at baseboard level

Baseboard Vent

Triangular Baseboard Vent

Triangular Baseboard Vent


In the Wall Baseboard vents, typically we will recommend the louvered style, as the louvers can be placed parallel with the floor and slanting downwards so that floor traffic does not see into the opening area.

What's My Size?

Let's start with what is your Duct Opening Size!

We ask this question so we know for your Baseboard vent if it is a Surface / Flush Mount the size the vent must nest into, as well as understand your air flow size. For Triangular Baseboard vents we like to understand your air flow as well as the area we are fitting around.

Ex. 15.625 wide x 6.3125" high


Overall Size?

For your Surface / Flush Mount to be flush within your base molding we need to understand the Overall size if you are restricted. For the Surface / Flush Mount you will have a standard of 1/2" solid border on each side, unless you notate otherwise. If you have an Asymmetrical location or need a larger than standard Overall size we will need you to tell us. Additionally, tell us your surface thickness of your wall or base molding (depending on location) that you want your vent fit to be flush within.

Ex. 17" wide x 10" high x 3/4" thickness of base molding


For the Triangular Baseboard Vent we will need to know the Overall Length x Width x Depth. Typically we use a standard 4" depth, if you need smaller we recommend a Minimum of 3.25" depth so you do not lose to much air flow.

Ex. 22" w x 8" h x 3.75" depth


What is my Wood Type?

If you don't know your wood species, and you are Staining to match your existing wood, we are happy to help you determine your wood match. Simply select any wood on our chart, and add in the Notes & Photo Upload Option a Photo of the wood you are trying to match, and one of our representatives will assist with finding the match or closest match possible. Remember, we will need to make sure the wood grain matches, to help the stain absorb in a similar way. If you are painting your wood, we offer Birch, Maple, Pine or Poplar woods. Birch is the best as it is the most resistant to temperature changes and humidity.

What Stain Color do I need?

All vents are shipped UNFINISHED, unless you request a stain or painting service. This is done so each customer can perfectlhy match to their space.

We use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains. These colors can also be found at your local hardware stores. If you like, you can also mail a small sample of the wood you are matching for us to use as a stain match.

Still Unsure of Anything?

If you are unsure of anything, rest assured we have an added Notes and 2 Optional Photo Upload sections at the end of your quote request. This allows you to communicate things regarding your fit, location, etc. One of our representatives will review your notes, and address them in your quote if needed.

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