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Replacement Flush Mount Existing Frame – Custom Quote

Did your Flush Mount insert for a pre-existing frame break? Although, your vent is from a different manufacturer, we can often help replicate a replacement piece. We will need you to take a few measurements to help us get this to fit 3-dimensionally. We will walk you through these steps.

We will walk you through each step needed. Don’t worry if you are unsure about anything, we will have a notes and photo upload option at the end before you submit your request.

After you submit your Free Quote request through the checkout, one of our representatives will email you a letter explaining the cost and options for your project.


  • Let's Get Started Building Your Free Quote!


    *Wood Species

    We will need to try to match your wood to the location. Remember, here we will be looking at the wood species so the grain is similar and it will absorb the staining in a similar fashion. If you do not know your wood type, that's not a problem, just attach a photo and we will help you identify it.

    *Vent Design

    If you're old vent broke, you have the option of changing the design / style. Please note that if your insert broke due to heavy foot traffic or load bearing issues due to a chair leg, etc, we HIGHLY Recommend the Grate Style which is the most load bearing design. 

    *Length x Width of Rabbeted Edge

    Tell Us Length x Width of Vent BACK SIDE / Rabbeted Edge Nesting into Duct

    *Thickness of Top Edge

    Marked by D in Diagram. Measure Starting on a Whole Number with Measuring Tape. This Measurement Tells Us How Deep it Sets into the Pre-Existing Framework

    *Overall Length x Width of Vent

    Marked by B x C in Diagram. Tell Us the Length x Width of the Top or Front of the Vent Insert

    *Prefer a Damper?

    *Need Staining?


    If you are unsure of your stain color, you can also mail us your old broken vent or piece to use for a stain reference. We can also use your old vent to check the measurements before crafting. This information will be included on your emailed invoice when you request an order.

    If you need us to stain this piece for you, we will use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains with a 4 way sprayer to get into all those little crevices, with 2 coats front and 1 coat back.

    *Stain Finish


    Optional Photo Upload Pt. 1

    If you would like to communicate with photos for wood species, fit, location, etc. You may upload the photo here.

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Optional Photo Upload Pt. 2

    If you would like to attach any additional photo to communicate your needs, do so here.

    • (max file size 256 MB)

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  Did Your Flush Mount Insert Break? 

No need to worry! We have helped replicate replacement inserts for thousands of customers! Each manufacturer has their own set of measurements they use as they produce Flush Mount with Frame vents. In order to make sure we can help replicate a new Flush Mount Insert for your Pre-existing Framework, we will need 3 sets of measurements to help us understand the size and depth of your framework.

As mentioned in our step-by-step guide above we will need the following information.

Let's begin with the Back of your vent piece, there is typically a Rabbeted Edge that will nest into the duct opening Marked by A x E in our diagram. For demonstration purposes, let's say this measurement is a 4 x 10" this tells us not only the size to nest into your duct opening for more load bearing support, but also the air flow needed.

If the back side of your vent doesn't have that Rabbeted dimension to nest into your duct, and is perfectly smooth, you can notate "no rabbeted edge but with air flow 4 x 12".


Next, we will look at the Top of your vent that you view when you look at the floor. We will need the length and width, Marked by B x C in our diagram. This tells us how far it needs to extend into your framework. For demonstration purposes, let's say this measurement is 5.625 x 11.75".

Now, we will need to check the Top Edge Thickness found on the side of your vent, marked by D in our diagram. This tells us how far your insert will drop into the framework to remain flush. We do recommend for this this measurement to use the nearest whole number on your measurement tape. For example 1", this will help more accurately determine if you have a 3/8", 5/16" thickness, etc. for this tight spot.


We have found sometimes your installers may have retrofitted or modified your vent and framework. At times your insert may not be symmetrical or centered within the frame. Feel free to attach a photo or ask any questions in the questions or comments section before adding to cart. We will review your situational needs and assist you with your custom situation. An example can be seen below.

After you receive your emailed quote of options, and you request to place an order...

  • If you decide you are more comfortable having us measure your vent for you, we will notate the mailing instructions and address in the invoice, so you can mail your old vent to us to be sized.
  • If you would like us to stain match as close as we can using any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains and/or their mixes, we will have the address and instructions mentioned in the invoice. You can send a piece of your broken vent or floor sample.

What are my Design/Style Options?

While you may prefer to stick to the style (often the Register Style) you already have for your broken vent, some people take this opportunity to change their design. The Grate Style is the strongest and most load bearing design, while allowing more air flow.

What is my Wood Species Type?

If you don't know your wood species, and you are Staining to match your existing wood, we are happy to help you determine your wood match. Simply select any wood on our chart, and add in the Notes & Photo Upload Option a Photo of the wood you are trying to match, and one of our representatives will assist with finding the match or closest match possible. Remember, we will need to make sure the wood grain matches, to help the stain absorb in a similar way.

What Stain Color do I need?


This is due to the vent needing to match with your surrounding location.

We use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains. These colors can also be found at your local hardware stores. If you like, you can also mail a small sample of the wood you are matching for us to use as a stain match.

Still Unsure of Anything?

If you are unsure of anything, rest assured we have an added Notes and 2 Optional Photo Upload sections at the end of your quote request. This allows you to communicate things regarding your fit, location, etc. One of our representatives will review your notes, and address them in your quote if needed.

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