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As a custom wood builder, we can create any vent, louver, grate or cover that you can imagine. While sometimes this takes a phone call, most quotes for custom orders can be handled through this page. As you answer one question,

We will ask a series of questions to include

.For example, it may be on the wall and be a Wall Vent, but actually while being on the wall, it is on the low wall between the base molding. These and other supply and air returns types are pretty common, and this helps us to make sure we have the correct vent for your situation.  Also, let us know if this vent is close to some obstruction. Maybe the wood vent is on the floor right next to the Wall (within 1″) so you want to put that in your notes.  Maybe it is right above the base molding so you have a hard obstruction on the bottom as it abuts the base molding.  Perhaps you have a corner or door frame within 1″ to the duct opening or cutout.  These are helpful pieces of information to allow us to serve you without mistake.)

  • Let’s Begin!

    We can make the entire door piece or just the vent for your door.

    We can make the entire door piece or just the vent for your door.

    For Interior Paintable Woods We Carry 5 Wood Species For You To Choose. Birch is the BEST as it is strong with tight pores, and most resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

    If you do not see your wood species listed, notate below what wood you need. If you do not know, there will be a section at the end of this quote to submit a photo.

    This tells us your "installation" type/process to properly fit within your space.

    Laser Designs are cut into a sheet of wood of 1/4" thickness.

    Our Standard Overall Sizes will be used in these fits, unless you notate a specify overall size needed.

    Surface Mounts will rest 1/4" proud of surface, with a 1/2" solid border on each size. If you have a 4 x 10" duct opening size, your Overall size will be 5 x 11 x 0.25". If you add Countersink Screw Holes, a minimum 7/8" is needed, we will make this Overall size slightly larger to accommodate the screw holes for a 5.75 x 12.75 x 0.25".

    Self-Rimming (surface mount / drop ins) will have a standard 7/8" lip or flange on each side to cover any rough cut or imperfections you have surrounding your duct area. If you need countersink screw holes we need a minimum of 7/8", however, if you do not need screw holes but need a larger or smaller lip, please notate.

    Surface/Flush Mount  these are only of 1/4" thickness for the laser to cut through the wood. If you are placing this at a larger depth, you may like to include this in the notes, so we can help build up the surrounding area for your vent.

    These pre-drilled holes will allow your screw to install more flush with the vent surface, and make your installation process more smooth.

    For FLOOR locations, we understand safety and load bearing needs for many areas. If your vent is located in a high traffic situation, you will want to opt for the Grate Style as it is the strongest and most load bearing design. For larger spans, for ex. 10 x 10" we do recommend the Grate Style, however, the Shaker or Linear Style are nice options too. We do not make the Register Style for spans over 8" such as 9 x 14", due to louvers being angled and having no support. For smaller sizes, such as 8 x 10", the Register Style is still strong. For the Linear Style in spans over 9", we put a rear stile behind the grille to provide extra support and strength if stepped on. 

    (These designs are available for NON-Floor locations.)

    Typically, in the Louver Style, the louvers are slanted one way, while parallel to the long dimension. However, in this custom piece, we understand you may prefer to direct the air towards one specific direction. Let us know your preference here.

    For your 3 or 4 way Louvered vents, if you have a certain percentage or desired direction, tell us here. For ex. 25% left; 25 % right; 50% straight out.

    If you do not see your design/style listed, there will be a section at the end you can upload a photo with notes.

    Choose which dimension you want to have your louvers parallel. Typically it is parallel to the long dimension, however, if you need to direct air in a certain direction you may prefer them to run parallle to the short dimension.

    Let us know if your vent will be obstructed by being next to a door, wall, molding, etc. If you have an asymmetrical fit, we can help with that too!

    This measurement tells us the size from baseboard to baseboard, as well as thickness of baseboard the vent must fit within.

    This tells us the air flow size as well as the area size it must nest into.

    If you have a specified opening you would like to be strictly the design of the divider/screen go ahead and mention that size here. Otherwise, tell us your Overall Size needed.

    If your space is limited to a specific size due to any obstructions or location issues, tell us here. If you aren't restricted by our standard overall sizes (mentioned in the bottom page description box), you can just tell us N/A.


    Tell us here about your duct opening / cut out size to help us understand the space this must fit within.

    If you have any Overall size retrictions, tell us here. If our standard overall size for your fit is good, then just type N/A.

    We offer Prime Painting in White or Black to help your Top Coat (color) paint apply more smoothly and require less coats.

    We stock a few white paint options. If you are in need of a different paint, notate your brand and color code, we will include the price in your emailed quote.

    If you need us to Top Coat Paint for you as well, we can include in your quote the cost for us to purchase your paint as well as the painting services.

    All vents are sold unfinished for you to match to your location. You do have the option of purchasing staining/painting services from us.

    We use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains, as these are the most easily obtained at local hardware stores. If you need a custom brand or color, let us know and we are happy to include that in your emailed quote.

    If available would you like to add a damper to control your air flow?

    If you have a filter behind your grille, you may prefer one of two options. 

    1. You can place Filter Brackets behind the grille to hold a 1" or 2" thick air filter.
    2. You can add an the Air Filter Assembly Package. This is where we will add framework around your vent grille and add a hinge & clasp assembly for easy access to your air filter for changing. There will also be filter brackets added to the back of your grille to hold your filter into place.
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    • (max file size 256 MB)
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