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Laser Wood Vents – Custom Quote

  • Add a touch of class with high quality solid wood vents!

    We offer many options to get a solid wood vent just right for your HVAC location.

    For more information regarding wood vents and options, see our Summary box at the bottom of this page.


    Each Vent is Built Just For You!


    *Remember* ALL SIZES are ordered by the Duct Opening Size! Your Overall size is determined by your selected fit.


    After you submit your Free Quote request through the checkout, one of our representatives will email you a letter explaining the cost and options for your project.

    Let's Get Started Building Your Free Quote!


    **Will You Be Painting or Staining Your Wood Vent?

    *Paintable Wood Option

    *Stainable Wood Options

    *Laser Design Pattern

    You can choose from one of our stocked designs or submit a photo of one of your own designs.

    Only the woods listed are available for Laser Designs as they are cut into sheets of 1/4" thick wood.

    Upload a Photo of Your Custom Design Here

    Our digital Laser cutter can create Wooden Vents, Doors, Partitions with any image if you can provide a vector image of your design. We may require proof of image ownership or written permission to reproduce brand logos and images (companies, sports teams, colleges, etc).

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    *Vent Fit

    Pick your installation type:

    -SURFACE MOUNT: rests atop of surface with a standard 1/2" border around the duct opening size. If countersink screw holes are needed at 7/8" for border on each side. For example:

    •  4 x 10" Duct Opening size without screw holes will have an Overall Size 5 x 11 x 1/4" (thickness).
    • 4 x 10" Duct Opening with countersink screw holes will have an Overall Size of 5.75 x 11.75 x 1/4" thickness.


    - SELF-RIMMING (surface mount / drop in): will have rounded leading eges with a 7/8" lip / flange on each side.


    -SURFACE / FLUSH MOUNT: will have straight edges and 1/2" solid border on each side.

    *Need Screw Holes?


    Available for lip / borders of Overall size with a minimum of 7/8". (Ex. 4 x 10" duct size with screw holes will have minimum overall size of 5.75 x 11.75")

    *Duct Opening or Cutout Size?

    This information is important as it will tell us the area the space must rest within, as well as any air flow size needed.

    *Surface Thickness?

    Our Laser Wood Sheets of ONLY 1/4" thickness will need framing built around it if you need to make this fit Flush to 3/4" Wall, etc.

    *Overall Size Needed?

    If you need a specific Overall size (beyond our standard sizing) to cover any surface flaws or handle restriction, notate here. 

    *Is this for a Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Need?

    If Asymmetrical Overall Size is Needed

    If you have one or more sides that are unequal because they are not centered, or you have molding, etc. in the way, specify to us your size needed or restrictions.

    *Vent Location?

    *Specify Other Location

    *HVAC Type?

    *Need an Air Filter Assemby Package?

    For Air Return Vent Orders, IF you have a filter BEHIND your grille (not in the main system) and you want to access the filter more easily rather than unscrewing each individual screw, you can add filter brackets to hold a filter of 1" or 2" thickness by selecting the, "YES, MAKE MY LIFE EASIER PACKAGE" option and ordering FRAME, HINGE, & CLASP ASSEMBLY!

    *Air Filter Size?

    This size will not exceed your Duct Opening. We will need to set the grille to hold the correct size filter in place. Please specify that filter size here.


    For custom sizes, dampers aren't always an option. If you prefer one to control your air flow, please let us know and we will see how we can help. Typically, a Self-Rimming fit is required for a damper addition.

    *Need Staining?

    ALL VENTS are Purchased UNFINISHED, Unless You Request Staining.

    If you need us to stain this piece for you, we will use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains with a 4 way sprayer to get into all those little crevices, with 2 coats front and 1 coat back.

    *Finish / Sheen Type?

    *Need Prime Painting?


    *Need Top Coat Painting?

    *Paint Finish for Top Coat

    *Custom Color Requests?

    Tell us your paint brand, color name and color id #

    Any Comments / Concerns?

    Optional Photo Upoad

    Feel free to attach any photos to help communicate you needs.

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Additional Photo Upload Option

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Ready To Submit Quote?

    Once You Click "Add to Cart", Scroll Back to the Shopping Cart Icon at the Top & Select "CHECKOUT


Finish Off Your HVAC vents with Beautiful Wood vents!

Our custom solid wood vents are Hand-Made by Experienced North Carolina Craftsmen! Our Laser vents are cut into wood sheets of 1/4" thickness. You can use one of our stocked designs, or send us an image you would like to replicate. (We may require proof of image ownership or written permission to reproduce brand logos and images (companies, sports teams, colleges, etc.) The Laser vents not only add Beauty and Elegance to the homes and businesses, they add a special unique touch to customize your space.

Fill out our quote form, and we will get you a personalized quote within 1 business day. All quote requests are typically answered SAME DAY!

If you are unsure of your wood species, vent fit options, etc. there is a section at the bottom you can attach any notes or upload photos regarding your needs.

Our staff will walk you through each step! Remember ALL SIZES go by DUCT OPENING size, as your vent will have to nest/fit within this opening.

More Detailed Information Can Be Found In Our Learning Center.

How Do I Order/Request a Quote?

Let's start with your Duct Opening Size!

We ask this question so we know what your air flow size is, as well as how to properly fit the vent to your location, as well as understand the air flow size.

   Ex. 14" wide x 8" high


What's my Overall size?

Your Overall size is determined mostly by your vent fit. For the Laser Designs we have 3 Fit Options.

  • Surface Mount: This will have a 1/2" solid border on all 4 sides. This means a 10 x 4" duct opening size, will have an Overall size of 11 x 5".   If you need Screw Holes added we will need a minimum of 7/8" border.  This means if you have a 10 x 4" duct opening size, with added screw holes the Overall size will be 11.75 x 5.75", unless you notate otherwise for a specified Overall size.

  • Self-Rimming: This will have a 7/8" lip or flange on each of the 4 sides. This means a 10 x 4" duct opening size, will have an Overall size of 11.75 x 5.75".

  • Surface/Flush Mount: This will have a 1/2" solid border on each of the 4 sides. This means a 10 x 4" duct opening size will have an Overall size of 11" wide  x 5" high x 0.25" (thickness). If you need us to build the area up to be flush as a 3/4" thickness, etc. for a baseboard or other location, please notate that in your quote request.

What is my Wood Type?

If you are staining your wood, for Laser designs we have ONLY Oak, Maple, American Cherry, Birch or Walnut to choose. If you are painting your vent Maple or Birch are the two wood choices. Due to these being in 1/4" thick sheets for our Laser Machine to cut through, we do not carry all species of wood.

What Stain Color do I need?

All vents are shipped UNFINISHED, unless you request a stain or painting service. This is done so each customer can perfectlhy match to their space.

We use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains. These colors can also be found at your local hardware stores. If you like, you can also mail a small sample of the wood you are matching for us to use as a stain match.

What is a Damper?

Dampers will have blades that open and close on the BACK of your vent, for you to control the air flow by opening or closing. For solid wood vents many of our professional customers choose not to use dampers.This is an optional add-on for your supply vent of select sizes only. DAMPERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SUPPLY VENTS OF SPECIFIC SIZES, THAT ARE REQUESTED IN THE SELF-RIMMING FIT. The framework of the Self-Rimming helps support the damper weight.

What options are available for Air Returns with Filters?

If you have a filter behind the grille of your vent, you can tell us the size of your 1 or 2" air filter size (ex. 20 x 20 x 1"). We can add filter brackets to the back of your wood grille to hold your filter in place.

For ease of use, you can add the Filter Assembly Package which allows your vent to open more like a door to access your filter for changes. Here we will add a Frame, Hinge, & Clasp to your vent.

We will use a plastic clasp so your wood is not scratched as you move it each month for filter changes. If you prefer the hinges to be on a certain side, please specifiy which side (width or height) you would like them placed. Typically we put the hinges are installed on the bottom width side.


Still Unsure of Anything?

If you are unsure of anything, rest assured we have an added Notes and 2 Optional Photo Upload sections at the end of your quote request. This allows you to communicate things regarding your fit, location, etc. One of our representatives will review your notes, and address them in your quote if needed.

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