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Stone Vents

From: $109.95

These Stone cut Vents are particularly great when you have Ceramic, Terrazzo, Marble, Slate or other masonry flooring. Woods like Maple and Birch are also good as they can be faux painted, painted, or left natural can more closely come to a white or colored look. However, “Stone is Stone” and we have Stone Vents. These are great bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, gyms, or anywhere moisture, humidity, swabbing the deck, water is abundant.  This is real stone but one we can cut into parts so we can make a good looking vent that is not so fragile as if you cut it out of a thin piece of ceramic or marble tile.

We can make these in both the register and grate styles.

Right now, we have stone in 4 colors in solid 1.25″ thickness. This stone thickness is necessary for strength in many sizes and will only sit just over 1/4″ thickness on your flooring or wall surface for the Self Rimming version, and will fit flush to any thickness 3/8″ and thicker so even this thickness will look the same from the top and will “nest” into the opening a little deeper where you need the support.

For additional information see our Description box at the bottom of this page.



    While these are Standard Sizes, each Vent has been Cut and Handcrafted per the specifications you give us below.

    For additional information before placing your order, see our More Information Summary box at the bottom of this page, or visit our Learning Center.

    Now, Let's Get Started Crafting Your Stone Vent!

    *Vent Location?

    *Choose Your Stone

    *Choose Floor Vent Fit

    *Choose Floor Vent Design

    *Duct Opening for Self-Rimming Floor Vent

    *Duct Opening for Flush Floor Vent

    *Surface Thickness of Framed Flush Mount Vent

    Our Standard Thickness Offered is 3/4," for all non-standard thickness options add 3.00 each.

    *Surface Thickness of TrimLine Vent

    Our Standard Thickness Offered is 3/4," for all non-standard thickness options add 3.00 each.

    *Choose Vent Fit

    *Vent Design/Style for Wall/Ceiling, etc.

    *Duct Opening for Self-Rimming Vent

    *Duct Opening for Flush Vent

    *Surface Thickness of Flush Vent

    Our Standard Thickness Offered is 3/4," for all non-standard thickness options add 3.00 each.

    *Need to Add Questions/Comments/Notes/Concerns?

    *Questions or Comments?

    Optional Photo Upload: 1

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Visit Our Learning Center for More Information.

To Be Sure Of Accuracy...Don't Forget...We Want To Measure Twice!

You Will Need the Measurement of Your Duct Opening or Cutout Size (i.e. The Hole).

This Measurement Provides Us With Our Starting Point & Air Flow Size.

On this Standard Size Page, We Use a Standard Specified Overall Size.

How Do I Order?

Let's Begin with the Duct Opening Size. This tells us the size of the space for the vent to nest into for more load bearing support, as well as the air flow size.

All sizes are ordered by the DUCT OPENING OR CUT OUT SIZE! Your Overall size will change depending on your chosen fit.

If you do not see your size listed under Standard Sizes, Click Here to Request a Quote.

What’s My Overall Size?

Your Overall size for Floor Vents and Wall/Ceiling, etc. can be found in our Learning Center.

If you need a different Overall size or Duct Opening Size, etc. you can contact us for a Custom Order or Quote.

Still Unsure of Anything?

If you are unsure of anything, rest assured we have an added Notes and 2 Optional Photo Upload sections at the end of your quote request. This allows you to communicate things regarding your fit, location, etc. One of our representatives will review your notes, and address them in your quote if needed.