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Wood Floor Vents – Custom Quote

Add a touch of class to your solid wood floor with our High Quality Solid Wood Floor Vents!

We offer many options to get a solid wood vent just right for your HVAC location.

For more information regarding wood vents and options, see our Summary box at the bottom of this page.


Each Vent is Built Just For You!


*Remember* ALL SIZES are ordered by the Duct Opening Size! Your Overall size is determined by your selected fit.


After you submit your Free Quote request through the checkout, one of our representatives will email you a letter explaining the cost and options for your project.


  • Let's Get Started Building Your Free Quote!




    If you do not know your wood type, do not worry, we will have a section at the end that will allow you to attach a note and optional photo uploads for us to assist you.

    If you will be painting your vent, choose our paintable wood options of BIRCH, MAPLE, WHITE PINE, YELLOW PINE or POPLAR. *Birch is the best as it is strong, most resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

    *Custom Wood Type

    If you have a wood type not listed on this chart, tell us here.


    Self-Rimming simply drops into place for installation. This will have a standard 7/8" lip/flange on each side unless you request otherwise.

    Flush Mount with Frame is a classic choice when installing new flooring. If this is a replacement for pre-existing framework please go here.

    TrimLine Flush Mount (w/out separate frame) is great for new or existing flooring.

    For more information about "Fits" see our More Information box at the bottom of this page, or visit our Learning Center.


    To make flush to your floor, tell us the thickness of your flooring.


    Visit our Learning Center for More Infomation about "Design" choices.

    Please note for sizes over 8" in width such as 9 x 20" the Register design is NOT available as it will not be strong enough with angled louvers to be load bearing at that span. The available designs for oversize pieces are the Linear, Shaker or Grate Styles.

    The Linear & Shaker Designs are reinforced on the back side for support in larger sizes as needed.

    For areas of heavy foot traffic or load bearing concern the Grate Style is *higly recommended* as it is the strongest and most load bearin of all wood vent designs. 


    Tell us the Duct Opening / Cutout / Sheet Metal this vent must nest within. This will also tell us the air flow size.


    If you have a limited space allowance for your Overall size, or you need to make a larger than standard sizing to hide any cosmetic issues.

    If your space is not limited you can type N/A.


    If you have your ven located next to some obstruction, such as a wall or molding and need an Asymmetrical fit, we are happy to adjust your fit as needed.


    If your vent is located next to an obstruction, we can customize your Overall size to help you get that Perfect Fit!

    You will need to let us know for all 4 sides your size needs.

    Our Description Box at the bottom of this page will provide you with our Overall Sizing Standards to help assist you in deciding what changes you may need.


    ALL VENTS are Purchased UNFINISHED, Unless You Request Staining.

    If you need us to stain this piece for you, we will use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains with a 4 way sprayer to get into all those little crevices, with 2 coats front and 1 coat back.

    *Finish Type

    *Need a Damper?

    Please Note: Dampers (to control the air flow) are not available for all sizes

    Any Notes / Concerns / Questions?

    Optional Photo Upload Part 1

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Optional Photo Upload Part 2

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Ready To Submit Quote?

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Finish Off Your Beautiful Wood Floors With Beautiful Wood HVAC vents!

Our custom floor vents are Hand-Made by Experienced North Carolina Craftsmen! They not only add Beauty and Elegance to the floors in homes and businesses, they are designed and engineered to be load-bearing, meaning that means it can support furniture or heavy foot traffic. We have 8 different standard sized wooden floor vents that fit 90% of the floor vents in American homes. All other sizes must be custom priced for you first.


How Do I Request a Quote?

Let's Begin with the Duct Opening Size. This tells us the size of the space for the vent to nest into for more load bearing support, as well as the air flow size.

All sizes are ordered by the DUCT OPENING OR CUT OUT SIZE! Your Overall size will change depending on your chosen fit option.



What’s My Overall Size?

Your Overall size will vary upon your vent FIT selection. Our Standard Overall Size is as Follows:

  • Self-Rimming will have a 7/8″ lip on each of the 4 sides, and rest proud of surface.

          For a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, your Overall Size will be 5.75 x 11.75″. 

If you need a different Overall size you can mention that in the Overall Size Allowance box as you request your quote. The "Self-Rimming" is the only fit option for floating floors!

For Flush Fit Vents we carry 2 options, and they are not available for floating floors:

  • Flush Mount WITH Frame will rest flust with your floor of 7/16" thickness or greater. Check your floor thickness at the time you place your order, as this will be essential to rest flush within your floor surface.

          For a 4 x 10" duct opening size, your Overall size will be approximately 6.875 x 12.875".          

  • TrimLine Flush Mount WITHOUT Separate Frame will have a 1/2″ solid border on each of the 4 sides with straight edges, resting flush within your surface. Check your surface thickness at the time you place the order, as we make it the thickness you request.

          For a 4 x 10″ duct opening size, your Overall size will be 5 x 11″.

If you need a different Overall size, mention that in the Overall Size Allowance notation when requesting the quote.

How Do I Select My Options?

  • First you will need to choose your wood. If you are matching to existing wood, you will want to choose that same wood so that the grain and stain appear similarly. If you do not know your wood species, that is okay too, just attach a photo or email us and we will help you find your wood species or the closest match.


This is due to the vent needing to match with your surrounding location.

After determining your Duct Opening Size and any Overall Size Allowance, you will need to choose your fit.

What's the difference in Vent FIT Options?

- Our Self-Rimming fit has rounded leading edges (i.e. lip/flange that’s smoothly rounded and can hide any rough cut or imperfections around your opening), this is also referred to as a Surface Mount / Drop In fit. Any Handy or Non-Handy person can install this particular fit.

-Our TrimLine Flush Mount (without separate frame) will have straight edges and made to the thickness of your surface, with a 1/2″ solid border on all 4 sides. Typically if your area was not already cut for this particular fit, you need a handy person to help you install. Modern day tools have made it much easier for the average person to be able to install these fits. We can walk you or your contractor through this installation process. Just send us a photo or contact us with your specific location fit information and we will help.

The TrimLine is a preferred design by most professionals. It is easy to install for both New or Pre-Existing Flooring. Double check on your floor thickness before ordering, so this piece is made the proper thickness to install flush with your flooring.

-Our Flush Mount with Frame is a classic choice for New Flooring installations. You will need to check your floor thickness before placing the order, so this piece can lie flush within your floor surface.

If your Flush Mount insert to a pre-existing framework by another manufacturer has broken, typically we can help you make a replication to fit the framework. See our quote request page to submit the 3 sets of measurements needed for a quote.



If you have any special fit issues such as Asymmetrical or against any obstruction such as a floor, door, molding, etc. we often accommodate these unique sizes. Just contact us through our Quote Page or directly with your situational needs.

Air Flow Concerns?

If you have ventilation or air flow concerns for this location, you will need to have your HVAC technician CONVERT your CFM’s into FREE AIR AREA! If you can provide us with your Free Air Area needed and prefered design we can assist you in finding/designing a piece that most closely matches your needs. This would be a specialized need and we will need you to contact us through our Quote Page or directly to best assist you.


What is my Wood Species Type?

If you don't know your wood species, and you are Staining to match your existing wood, we are happy to help you determine your wood match. Simply select any wood on our chart, and add in the Notes & Photo Upload Option a Photo of the wood you are trying to match, and one of our representatives will assist with finding the match or closest match possible. Remember, we will need to make sure the wood grain matches, to help the stain absorb in a similar way.

Paintable Woods?

If you will be painting this vent to blend with your ceramic tile or marble flooring, you will want to choose from Birch, Maple, Pine or Poplar. Birch is the best as it is strong with tight pores and most resistant to humidity or temperature changes.


What Stain Color do I need?


This is due to the vent needing to match with your surrounding location.

We use any of the Minwax Oil Based Stains. These colors can also be found at your local hardware stores. If you like, you can also mail a small sample of the wood you are matching for us to use as a stain match.

Still Unsure of Anything?

If you are unsure of anything, rest assured we have an added Notes and 2 Optional Photo Upload sections at the end of your quote request. This allows you to communicate things regarding your fit, location, etc. One of our representatives will review your notes, and address them in your quote if needed.

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